Install & Activate Required Plugins

After installing our theme, you are required to install theme needed plugins. The plugins are already included in the theme file so you can easily install and activate them. The Theme-Core plugin is required for the theme to work, as it contains all of the theme’s basic functionality.

  • Activating our theme in WordPress Dashboard then It will show Begin Activating Plugins link. After clicking that link you have Install Required Plugins section in Appearance > Install Plugins. Here you will find a list of plugins and you will be presented with the options for installing the plugins or updating them in case there is an update available.

  • By checking all check-boxes then click Install or Activate to activate all required plugin for the theme.

Update Notification

When you install or update plugins, you will receive a WordPress notification message advising you to install or update the required and recommended plugins. Please make it a point to visit the Plugins screen after installing or updating Our Theme and Plugins.

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