Update Premium Plugins

Updating a installed plugins is the important process for your WordPress site to increase functionality, security and speed.

Updating Premium Plugins

Each theme update will contain latest version for premium plugins. You need to update the theme to latest version and you will get latest updates of premium plugins in  Victorthemes. These plugins can be updated automatically however they require to purchase them which you don’t need to.

To update Premium Plugins in your WordPress Site follow the listings :

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard you can see update notification in Plugins section, Then go to Installed Plugins 
  2. You can see notification in your Premium Plugin to update the latest version.
  3. To update plugin initially  Deactivate and Delete that Premium Plugin.
  4. Then Move to Appearance > Installed Plugins section.
  5. In that section you have that premium plugin and it is in need to install state.
  6. Then Install the plugin after installing it will show the link like Return to Required Plugins installer, Click that Link
  7. It will Move to Install Required Plugin Section and Activate that plugin.
  8. After activating the plugin you can see Latest version of your premium plugin in Plugins > Installed Plugins section.
  9. Important Note :

    Based on Stock License agreement between plugin authors and theme authors, we can't include plugin purchase codes in our themes. Because if we do, buyers will have access to all features of plugins without actually purchasing them.  Don't worry about it! You can still get premium plugins update in your dashboard. 

    We always test the compatibility of all required plugins with our themes and include the latest compatible version of plugins in our theme updates.

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