Theme Installation

Install & Activate WordPress Theme

After downloading theme in theme forest you can install a WordPress theme – Manually or with an FTP client in the WordPress dashboard.

Installing a Theme Through the WordPress Dashboard : 

This method of installation may seem easier to most people. It can all be done from the WordPress administration panel, without manually uploading the file to your server. You must be logged in as the administrator to use this method.

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance → Themes.
  2. Just below the headline, you will see Add New button and click that add new button.
  3.  After Clicking Add New you will see a link that says Upload Theme – click that.
  4. Then you can see Choose File button to select the Downloaded file.
  5. Choose the needed theme then click Install Now button.
  6. After installing the theme you can Activate theme via clicking Activate button. You can also see live preview of your theme by clicking the Live Preview button near the Activate button.

  The above media is taken from Obira theme, theme name differ based on the theme you use but the installation process remain same for all our theme. 

Installing Theme With an FTP Client :

This method will work for any server that has either an FTP account set up or another method of copying files to server.

  1. Download the theme zip file to your local machine and unzip it.
  2. Connect to your hosting via FTP software and logged in to the FTP Dashboard.
  3.  Find your site’s wp-content > themes directory. You will want to transfer the entire theme folder to that directory.
  4. Upload the unzipped theme folder into the themes folder.
  5. Then Log in to your WordPress dashboard, and go to Appearance → Themes. There you will see screenshots of the themes and title of the theme that are available for you to use. Click on the theme title or theme screenshot  for the theme you wish to activate. A preview of the theme will be shown, and then you can click the Activate link in the top right of the preview window.

Required and Recommended Plugins 

Once your theme is installed, you will notice a message at the top of your dashboard prompting you to install required plugins. To insure that your site has all of the same functionality that you see in the demo, it’s important that you install and activate these required plugins. To know about install required plugins  Click Here.

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