How to Update the theme

A major reason for keeping your WordPress theme and plugins up-to-date is for security purposes. Keeping your site updated ensures you have the latest security fixes and that your site is following the latest security best practices available.

Important Notice :

  1. Before updating the theme it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your current site, especially if you’ve made modifications. Updates should be performed in a staging environment first to test, not on a live production site
  2. Before updating your theme, please make sure you are running the latest version of WordPress. It is also a good idea to make sure you have a backup of your site. Backup WordPress is a useful plugin to help you do this.

1. Manual Updates :

There are a few different ways to manually update your theme depending on your specific situation. We recommend using the child  theme if you are going to customize your theme files, as this will make it easier to update your parent theme.

Way- 1 : Update Our Theme (Recommended Process)

To update VictorThemes product you can follow the simple and convenient steps below :

  1. Login to your Envato Account
  2. Then Goto Settings section of your account it shows Your Details section
  3. In that Your Details section you can see API keys tab click that tab.
  4. API keys tab section shows the Generate an API Key field enter any lable name based on your theme then click Generate API Key button.
  5. It will redirect you to show your API key In same screen as Your API Keys section, In that you can get your API Key just copy that.
  6. Now you can move to your WordPress Dashboard. It has Theme Option section then click that section in bottom of that options you can see Envato Account tab section.
  7. In that section you have two fields as Envato Username and Envato API Key, In those filed please enter your Envato username and generated API key thaen click Save.
  8. You will get update notification in your Dashboard option click that updates it will move to Updates Section in that section you can see your theme that shows to update.
  9. Just select the theme and click Update Themes button then you can get the Latest Version of your theme.

Way - 2 : Update Our Theme (Not Recommended Process)

To update our theme you can follow this process too but we are not recommend this process because of having chance to lost some settings like Menus and Pages from old version in your Dashboard.

Download latest version of the theme :

  • Log into your Envato Market account.
  • Theme pack can be downloaded from your ThemeForest’s account > Downloads section.
  • Click Downloads from the drop down menu.
  • Find related item in your Downloads list,You will basically download a package containing the theme, theme core, the child theme, Documentation and licensing in it.

Renaming or Deleting the old theme :

  • Login to your WordPress website and go to appearance -> themes
  • Deactivate the current theme Activate another theme.
  • After deactivate the theme please delete or rename the old version of the theme.
  • If you are not delete or rename the old version and update the new version of the theme you will get already have the theme folder on your server with the same name warning.

Installing the new version : 

  1. Upload new version via Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload
  2. Activate the new version of the theme.

2. Automatic Update :

Once you have installed the theme, there is an easy way to stay updated will future releases of our theme. In our theme dashboard Theme Options > Envato Account section tab having Envato Username and Envato API Key fields enter these two fields and click save you will get Theme Update Notification in your Dashboard itself.

For More details about Automatic theme update :  How to update theme

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