How To Reset Database

Reset Your Database 

Reset your database delete all your theme database in your server. We are going to use WordPress Plugin to reset the database. Use  WP Reset plugin to reset your database.

Before reset the database you should know about following :

  • After reset all website content including pages, posts and media and all settings will be deleted.
  • Recommended plugins and theme will not be deleted, but you should activate them again after reset the database.

Reset Database Using WP Reset Plugin

  1. Install  WP Reset Plugin in WordPress Dashboard >  Plugins > Add New.
  2. Then search WP Reset Plugin developed by WP Dev.
  3. After Installing and Activating the plugin then goto Tools tab in that you have option like WP Reset click that option.
  4. Then it will move to reset section and it has input section with Reset button like the below screenshot.
  5. Type wp-reset then click Reset button then all your Database are removed.

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